What is Shared Hosting? – Advantages and Disadvantages.


If you want to run a business website, first of all, you have to make a hosting choice. You have different technologies for your website such as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or shared hosting. In the shared server, you have to share the server with many more sites. And if you use a dedicated server, only your site will be on that server, you don’t have to share the server with any other site.

Most users buy shared hosting for their own websites. So in today’s post, we will discuss what is Shared Hosting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting. 

It is very affordable

The cost of shared hosting is much lower than that of dedicated hosting. In some cases, the cost of shared hosting for your site will be $ 1.5 to $ 10 per month. The cost will depend on the type and features of your website. It will cost you $ 80 to $ 250 per month for the Dedicated server and $ 10 to $ 50 on VPS server. Shared hosting is more affordable because the cost can be shared with other websites on the server.

You don’t need to be an expert

If you do not have enough experience in web development and server administration, then shared hosting will be a great choice for you. Hosting providers will do the work so even if you do not have much technical knowledge. Doing things like setting up, administering and managing servers can be very difficult for you.

Includes server maintenance:

When you use shared hosting, you can leave the responsibility of server administration and maintenance to the service provider. In addition, the technical support you will get 24/7 including Site monitoring, Instant alert if there is a problem, Repairing if there is a problem with an issue, e responsibility of server administration and maintenance to the service provider. In addition, the technical support you will get 24/7 including Site monitoring, Instant response if there is a problem, fixing if there is a problem with an issue. This allows you to focus more on marketing and customer service aspects without worrying about site problems.

Bandwidth and customization will improve:

Today, the marketplace is much more competitive. That’s why web hosting providers are offering better options for shared hosting. You will get more than 2-5GB of storage which is enough for small to medium type websites or business websites. 


Despite all these advantages, shared hosting has some disadvantages. Let’s find out now.


When your space with many other websites, there will be limitations in your resources. Your site may run into overloaded problems if the demand rate of other sites is high at the same time. This will cause your site to go down and visitors will no longer be able to visit your site at that time! It may also be that your site is slowing down due to high traffic to the site you are sharing the server with. This will definitely have a serious impact on your site. However, many companies like Sharewebhost now offer a resource limit for each account in their Singapore shared hosting plans. For which if your site is down, another site of the server will still be up.

Limited Resources:

Choosing a shared hosting plan is not a good decision for a large website that gets a lot of visitors every month and has dozens of products or services on each page! You will have to share your resources with many other websites which will cause you to face some limitations. If you use more resources than your allot, your host will want to charge extra! Which is a huge push in the early stages of starting your business site.

Less Security:

In the Shared server, your website may lack proper security! Because your site is on the same server as many websites! If any website of the same server falls under any attack, all the websites of that server are also damaged. There are many websites on the same server, the risk of hacking is higher in shared hosting which is less in that dedicated server!

There are no options to customize:

Shared hosting used to have a lot of customization opportunities that current providers are not offering. There is little opportunity in shared hosting compared to dedicated servers! You will not be able to use any independent software! Only applications configured with that server or firewall can be used! If you could use the application as you wish, you would no longer have to follow the instructions of the provider! But there is no opportunity in this technology. However, if you want to take control of this, you need to opt for another option.

When Should You Choose Shared Hosting?

Everything is the combination of some conveniences and inconveniences. Shared web hosting is also going the same way. It can be the best choice in some way and maybe inappropriate for several perspectives. So, it actually depends on your consideration that which will be your choice for your business website. 

If you are just starting out if your site is a small business site that does not have a large number of pages and your site has more than 200,000 monthly visitors, then shared hosting is enough for you.

Also if your site is larger where there is a lot of content per page, the number of visitors per month is more than 200,000 and if you want to get 100% stability on the server then you need to change the hosting to a powerful option.

Which provider would you prefer to get better service?

In fact, how much you benefit depends largely on which company’s services you are using. So it is very important to choose a good provider first of all. Since shared hosting has a number of problems, a trusted place is very much needed for this. Sharewebhost is the most growing hosting provider in Bangladesh. They provide the cheapest shared hosting with a very fast server solution. They provide the fastest growing web hosting business in Asia sever. Start a free Domain with Singapore web hosting packages with Up to 2X Faster then LiteSpeed Web Server Cache and Easy Website Builder. Try their Fast, cheap, and reliable shared plans with zero downtime and better support. Also if you need any help regarding your site hosting choice then you can contact at any time with any need.

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