What is DDos attack? Why is the DDOS attack done?

Has it ever occurred to you that you want to access a website but the website is not loading? At such times you may have searched for another website to see if your internet is working properly and it is working properly. You may get annoyed with the website for not being able to access the website or for slow loading. But you know what? This could be a hacker attack, which is one of the reasons why the server engineers of that website are deprived of a good night’s sleep.

This type of attack is called a DDoS attack. Even if you are not a hacker, your computer may be used unknowingly for this type of attack. Are you surprised? Surprisingly, this is true. So let’s take a look at the details of this type of attack.

About DDoS Attack:

Any type of website is stored on a server at one end of the world or in more than one place. The server limits some resources such as CPU, memory, etc. for that website. When you send a request to access the website, the server processes your request and provides you with the information you need.

Since the resources for websites are limited, a website or server can only serve a certain number of users at a given time. With more user requests, the website gradually slows down for everyone. Now if a person or organization sends a request from multiple computers to a server for the purpose of slowing down or shutting down the service then it is called DDoS attack.

Why DDoS attack is done?

Suppose, You sleep in your bed at night. Even if you press on that bed, you can’t sleep more than 3 people. If 4 or 5 people try to sleep there. Then there will be problems. This is how every web site has a capacity. How many visitors can access that web site at the same time or in one day? But if you catch as many visitors in 1 hour. If it comes in 1 minute or less, then think about it.

This type of attack can last from a few hours to a few days. Now the question remains why such attacks are carried out. Sometimes it is done by a competing company for financial reasons. Sometimes it is done for political reasons. Again, sometimes it’s just for the hacker’s pleasure.

How do hackers do such attacks?

The first thing you need to do to attack a DDOS is to have a large number of computers that will simultaneously send access requests to the website. Hackers use computers of ordinary people like you for this purpose. First, they create malware. In short, malware is a type of software that does something other than the purpose for which you install it. They spread this malware to various websites or mail attachments. 

DDoS Attack is based on a type of computer called a zombie computer. Horror movie zombies are being talked about here. These computers are infected with any kind of Trojan or malware. In most cases, the user does not even know that his computer is infected with Trojan. The real attacker sends a request to all these Trojans, with instructions on where to attack and when or for how long. As soon as the request is received, these zombies start attacking the computer. The more Trojan infected computers, the higher the level of attack. When thousands of innocent computers are sending thousands of megabits of traffic to a server, it is only natural that the condition of any server will deteriorate.

Whenever you open such a website or mail, this malware is installed on your computer without your knowledge. Then, your computer also joins the robot army of hackers. This type of malware-infected computer network is called a botnet. The computers on these botnets are waiting for the hackers to signal when to attack. Sometimes the malware itself gives all the information on the target website. The attack starts as soon as the time starts, once the server goes down due to being slow.

I hope you get some ideas about the DDoS attack from this article. In the next article, I will discuss how to prevent DDoS attacks.

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In fact, a DDoS attack is a very common attack that is more or less the same for all websites. It’s just a process of making your website unusable for a while. Maybe the hacker has any enmity with you or for some political reason or just does it for his pleasure. Most hosting providers offer DDoS protected servers. So if you take hosting service from a good provider then maybe this problem can be solved a lot. In addition, we will show more ways of DDoS protection in the next article.

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