What is Web Security? How Important is Security For a Website?

website security

In every case, professional or personal, the website is a very necessary and important accessory of today’s age!! Website is the most interesting way to express yourself or an organization to the virtual world. A website contains a lot of significant and relevant information. That’s why website protection is one of the hot topics in the world today. You may be surprised to know that an average of 30,000 websites are hacked every day around the world due to various website security vulnerabilities.

Virtual rogues or hackers can destroy your website in no time !! This not only harms you, but also the visitors of your website can become a target of hackers. If visitors know that your website is not secure, they will not even think about coming to your site anymore !!

Now many people can be happy to think that my site is very simple and there is no important information about user details such as credit card number, bank account, customer details! Then why can hackers hack my website !! Yes, that makes sense !! But if you think a little differently, you will realize how much worse and more horrible it can be for a hacker to hack your website and steal information!

website security
Importance of website security

Once you understand why hackers hack websites, the importance of the security of your favorite website will become clear in front of you !! So let’s talk about it.

The Importance of Website Security


This is the most common type of hacking where hackers hack websites and hang pictures of themselves or their groups on the home page !! They want to spread the name of the hacking group through this. It works great for them. One thing to keep in mind is that if your site has 10,000 traffic / visitors and the hacker shows his own page on each link, then it has become great free marketing !!

Computer Power:

Hackers often hack sites only to use the website server or the server’s computer power. This gives them two advantages. One is that they got a free computer to use. And secondly, there was no separate electricity bill !! A web server is actually a computer with which a website hacker can commit many misdeeds. Typically, hackers use computer power to mine digital currencies such as any cryptocurrency or bitcoin. If a website hacker does this evil thing by hacking your server, then think about the consequences !!

Phishing Page:

Even if there is no user data on your site, hackers can hack websites and hang fake Facebook or Google login pages. In most cases, the user traps that page and leaks sensitive information such as login ID, password or credit card PIN to the hacker. So by hacking your website, a website hacker can easily steal the details of thousands of users.


Suppose one of your websites is well ranked in Google search engine due to having a lot of good backlinks. In this case, the website hacker can hack your site and take advantage of the link juice by creating spam pages. As a result, your website will go down in the rankings and the hacker’s site will go up.


Hackers often hack site server computers and send fake emails to various websites. Using computer power to send such emails, hackers continue to do various things. When the owner of the site server discovers that his IP address has been blocked, he has to spend a lot of money to solve it.

Spreading Malware

The hacker hacked the website and injected malicious software there. Then, when a visitor visits that website and if there is any error in his PC, the malware enters the visitor’s computer.

The website hacker can then use the infected PC as a botnet, steal all the data from that computer and encrypt all the files on the computer. Later, if the user wants to return the files, the website hacker demands money just like in the case of ransomware.

Computers or Systems that May Be Hacked:

Websites in which money is usually transacted are more likely to be hacked. Since money is involved with these software or websites, the security of such websites is higher than other websites. Website user IDs are often hacked to check the security of various websites. Computers or smartphones used by ordinary users can also be hacked.

Cybersecurity is not the only issue. There are many things you need to know to become a cybersecurity expert. Ordinary users who want to know about cybersecurity to protect themselves online can save themselves by knowing about different types of hacking attacks. Again if you own a website then you must know about cybersecurity.

How do Ensure the Security of the Website?

You should seek advice from an experienced person on a subject that you have little knowledge of. It is seen that many people think that they will create a website without realizing it and have already taken the weak security hosting. If you plan to create a website, consult with your developer first. If your developer is experienced, he or she will warn you about best website security.

So take web hosting in bangladesh according to the developer’s advice. If you have already taken it, change it if necessary. Then you must pay a fair price to your developer for the complete security of this website. It is often seen that the clients want to create a website with the developers at a low cost. Then many developers do not discuss the issue of best website security with the client. The authority or admin of this website is subsequently harmed. 

Before developing a website, sign a maintenance agreement with your developer or organization. If your website is damaged in any way, you can re-secure your website with that developer or organization.


As the use of the internet increases day by day, so does the importance of website security on the internet. Just because you have cyber security, don’t think that cyber security is just about the internet or computers. Cyber ​​security is the measure that is taken to avoid hacking attacks on the Internet. When someone accesses your computer or smartphone from outside, it is called hacking. And to survive such an attack, you need to be experienced in cyber security. Every day thousands of websites fall prey to hackers and become useless. Hackers attack by understanding the type of website.

One of the most hacked websites in the world today is the e-commerce based website. It is not just the admin of a website who suffers due to website security negligence on a website. Many times the subscribers of this website, the user and many others are affected. Usually e-commerce websites are constantly transacting money through different channels.